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Murder or mistake in Oakland, CA?

Oakland, CA. White cop. Unarmed Black man lying face down. Shot in back.Murder or mistake?As a middle-class, white woman with a retired police officer for a father (who I’ve always considered quite a good person), my life experiences lead me to give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt. Am I perfect? No. Do […]

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A great (if not new) resource about Liberals and white privilege

I know this isn’t new. But, I think this blog post from Alter Net (see link below) could be a good resource for those of us who are trying to figure out how to talk to our progressive/liberal white friends/colleagues about race. The 10 misunderstandings described here are all too frequent, and the more we […]

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Homeboy Industries – Support Required

If you are even remotely interested in social justice and haven’t heard of Homeboy Industries, and its slogan “Jobs not jails”, well, I think perhaps there’s a rock you’ve been under for quite some time. Father Greg Boyle has been one of the preeminent speakers and activists arguing for employment opportunities for former gang members […]

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May Day march in Los Angeles: May 1, 2010

As protests and boycotts surrounding Arizona’s newly passed legislation continues, I’m reflecting on last Saturday’s May Day march. Not much of a street demonstrator myself, I decided to venture out this year to stand (too crowded to really march) in solidarity with the working people of Los Angeles. Here’s what happened for me:Within 15 minutes […]

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White Privilege Conference 11 – A Reflection

Thank you to the over 1700 people who made WPC11 what it was…but especially…This year’s April 2010 WPC offered me a chance to connect more deeply with other anti-racists working across the country. It’s an amazing learning opportunity. So, if any of you have yet to learn about WPC and attend, check out the basics […]

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Good-hearted White People, Privilege, and Damage

What follows is a short essay written recently by one of my former students and current AWARE-LA allies. It’s a great example of the critical thinking required when good hearted white people decide to offer ourselves to support young people living in inner cities. Let me know what you think…White Privilege and SecurityRecently I attended […]

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Unmasking Whiteness – A Summer Institute by AWARE-LA

I’d appreciate your help getting the word out about this event.AWARE-LA is offering its workshop series on building white anti-racist practice and community in an intensive, 4-day institute for white people.The institute invites white people to deepen their self-awareness and build community with other white people taking up work for racial justice. Through personal reflection, […]

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Overt Racism on UCSD’s Campus – Fallout from a Culture of Colorblindness

In case you haven’t heard, the University of California at San Diego has been the location of some extremely overt racially motivated and hateful events in the last couple of weeks. Although many may say that “it all started when…”, that would be in error. A hostile environment has existed for far too long (and […]

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Haiti womens micro-lending bank – spread the word!

This is the type of thing that too few of us know about because too few of our media outlets pay attention to truly supportive and community based projects.Please take a moment to learn about how a network of women in Haiti have been able to mobilize quickly to distribute funds to get the economy […]

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Re: James Arthur Ray charged with manslaughter, guilty of cultural appropriation

Glad to see the news this morning. It looks like James Arthur Ray will be facing charges stemming from the $9,695-a-person “spiritual warrior” workshop he led last October which included a sweat lodge as a final activity…and the death of three of the participants.Let’s be aware, though, that although these serious charges are significant and […]

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