New Professional Development Resources for Educators

I’ve just created a new set of dialogue scenes that provide school communities with tools to guide discussion among administration, faculty, and staff about common, destructive interaction patterns and attitudes arising from 1) white privilege, 2) internalized superiority, and 3) unresolved emotions.This set was inspired by requests from many educators (over the last few years) […]

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Hate crimes in Yorba Linda, CA and the standardizing of the white experience

I’m not much of a blogger. Two posts in one year, and a year so filled with racially loaded issues that I could have been busy on a daily basis all year! It’s a shame really. I tire of the sound bites and the irrationality so regularly displayed in the national media and via endless […]

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Stephen Colbert Does White Privilege

I don’t know who to applaud, Stephen Colbert himself or one (or more) of his writers. But someone over there really understand white privilege in a deep way. And even better, that person or persons also knows how to offer up a scathing commentary about it within the satire Stephen Colbert does best.Two particularly insightful […]

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Unmasking Whiteness – June 2012

Please help spread the word to those who might be interested!AWARE-LA is happy to announce that we are offering our 4th annual workshop series on building white anti-racist practice and community in an intensive 4-day institute designed specifically for white people.The institute will run from Thursday, June 28th […]

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Notes from my field

Update #2Thanks for your patience as I delved headlong into my work this semester. Two issues to report.First update: A fellow colleague and I conducted our first race and culture dialogue after our Convocation last month, the first time I’ve been part of a multiracial team on campus. We had 28 individuals attend, which was […]

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California’s Proposition 8 – Privilege and the Naming of Neutrality

My commentary here will be brief. I just want to alert you to a current issue/debate going on here in California that can be used to help us increase our ability to see how white privilege often shows up in our public debate.Having said that, this issue is really not about race at all. It’s […]

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Notes from my field

Update #1:This is a story about how my anti-racism practice shows up in my work world.A couple of years ago, upon the publication of my book – Witnessing Whiteness – a fellow faculty member (turned administrator) mentioned feeling that convening a book club of faculty/staff at the College to read my book would be a […]

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Murder or mistake in Oakland, CA?

Oakland, CA. White cop. Unarmed Black man lying face down. Shot in back.Murder or mistake?As a middle-class, white woman with a retired police officer for a father (who I’ve always considered quite a good person), my life experiences lead me to give law enforcement officers the benefit of the doubt. Am I perfect? No. Do […]

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A great (if not new) resource about Liberals and white privilege

I know this isn’t new. But, I think this blog post from Alter Net (see link below) could be a good resource for those of us who are trying to figure out how to talk to our progressive/liberal white friends/colleagues about race. The 10 misunderstandings described here are all too frequent, and the more we […]

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Homeboy Industries – Support Required

If you are even remotely interested in social justice and haven’t heard of Homeboy Industries, and its slogan “Jobs not jails”, well, I think perhaps there’s a rock you’ve been under for quite some time. Father Greg Boyle has been one of the preeminent speakers and activists arguing for employment opportunities for former gang members […]

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