Bail for Alex Sanchez!

It can take a long time, but sometimes moving through the system and keeping hope and faith alive brings great results! Alex Sanchez was granted bail yesterday.This will allow him to remain close to his family while he prepares for the trial, which will begin in October. (His family lost their home in all of […]

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Justice for Alex Sanchez?

I went to my first bail hearing the other day. What drew me to this one is that I know the man charged with multiple serious counts, including conspiracy to commit murder. I don’t believe the charges for a second. I have a letter on file with court expressing this opinion and my understanding of […]

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Sonoma, AZ – Sweat Lodge – James Arthur Ray

New shoots sprang up in the meadow the first day I entered the sweat lodge. The evening was crisp, hawks hung on the breeze, and the fire crackled. A peace I’d not known previously settled upon me as I waited, watching. The elder prepared the prayer ties, arranged objects on the alter, and filled the […]

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Tread Carefully Arizona – Endangering Immigrants, Endangering Ourselves

Here we have it, reason enough that law enforcement and immigration officials should NOT work together in a way that makes undocumented people in our cities fear the police. This is a warning to all those in Arizona who are about to make life extremely dangerous for those in their state.(Note: the position that law […]

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Confronting our Fear, Inspiring Others

What do you do when someone does something that requires critique?Do you:a. Keep your mouth shut so you avoid risking the relationshipb. Say what you need to say, as directly as possible, not worrying about the person’s feelings, and risking that the person may no longer wish to associate with you furtherc. Work to find […]

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Drowning in the Work

Close to two months since my last post and I have a list of things that could be, should be, said. What happened? I became inundated with the work. This wasn’t really surprising, as I saw it coming. In fact, the truth is that I invited it. For a few months I decided to do […]

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Dialogues on race in 8 minutes

I’m a single, white woman in my thirties. For me this means I regularly take part in various forms of social/dating rituals: blind dates, internet connections, meet up groups, and most recently…speed dating. In the last several years, as my voice on white identity and racism has strengthened, […]

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Wake up call…

The phone rang at 6:30 this morning. I knew who it was. There’s only one person who calls me this early. My student, former student, who is currently working as a seasonal, migrant worker at a food processing plant in Wisconsin. I’ve known him since he was 13. He’s 19 now. I taught him for […]

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The Destruction of a Movement, Sinking into Privileged Despair

In the scheme of things it’s a small thing, really. There’s so much that comes together to subvert and destroy what is an essential movement to develop…white people coming together en masse to work toward racial justice. But, I just bumped into myself again, and came face to face with one aspect that I don’t […]

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Dis-ease in the white community

“I have an uplifting view of the world. Racism has become unacceptable in our society. We have outlawed discrimination and more and more people are transcending race. In fact, race has no biological reality.”I used to speak using this language. I know plenty of people who still describe their approach to race this way. Admittedly, […]

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