Alliance of White Anti-Racists Everywhere – Los Angeles

shapeimage_4This is my witnessing community!

We are a group of white folks dedicated to creating a healthy, anti-racist white identity that helps us to develop more effective anti-racist practices.

AWARE-LA’s mission is to work toward the abolition of the White Supremacist System and all systems of supremacy through building communities of Radical White people in solidarity with People of Color in the larger movement for racial, social, economic, and environmental justice. We will only use non-violent, peaceful means for achieving our mission and goals.

 AWARE-LA Activities

  • Saturday Dialogue Series (Click Here)
  • Workshop Planning Group
  • Active Resistance






AWARE-LA Home Website (Click Here)

Additional Info from AWARE-LA:

  • Why do we meet in a white space? (Click Here)
  • Towards a Radical White Identity – A model (Click Here)
  • Powerful Partnerships: Transformative Alliance Building (Click Here)

Download the Unmasking Whiteness INFORMATION SHEET
Download the Unmasking Whiteness LOGISTICS SHEET, info on housing, food, schedules, and location directions
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