Please read and share! We need some info from you and yours via a 3-minute survey.

For the last 13 years, I have been blessed to be part of AWARE-LA, an organization that approaches anti-racism and activism with an attitude that uplifts personal and collective healing. AWARE-LA recognizes that we need to be responsive (not reactive) to the current political climate and, in that vein, we plan to expand our efforts and reach out to community members who otherwise have not been engaged in active social justice/anti-racism efforts.

To get started, we have designed a very brief, 3-minute questionnaire intended to help us learn what issues are paramount to people who are concerned in the wake of the presidential election, but not yet engaged in activism.

With the information collected, we hope to strategize and expand our reach. Our plan is to design curriculum that can engage a broader community and move more people into collective action.

We’re asking you to fill out the survey and then ask 3 to 5 of your friends to fill it out. Please consider friends who aren’t typically politically active or who are “on the fence.”

Survey link:

Thank you!
Shelly Tochluk, AWARE-LA member