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Implement the Workshop Series for Graduate Credit

Course Description and Materials

  • Course Format – This course is an independent, application based practicum that requires course participants to 1) locate one or more facilitation partners with whom to thoroughly review and consider the book, Witnessing Whiteness (2nd Ed.), and its companion workshop series curriculum, 2) create a plan to implement the series, 3) implement the 11-part series with a group of community partners in the course participant’s home community, and 4) evaluate and reflect on the process. Course participants create an individualized timeline and plan for completion with the community partners and seek approval for the plan from the course instructor. The course instructor serves as a support throughout the participants’ planning and implementation process and will receive pre-scheduled updates throughout the process.
  • Course Description – This course offers participants the opportunity to use knowledge and skills related to anti-racism, racial identity, and white privilege to 1) support the growth and development of individual community members, 2) develop shared understandings among community members, and 3) increase the capacity for groups to work collectively to interrupt white privilege and racism in their immediate environments. Essential topics covered include: the need to attend to race issues, culture and appropriation, authentic interactions, the history of whiteness, racial identity formation, privilege, transformative relationships, racial scripts, personal and group action planning, and cultural change.
  • Course Syllabus
  • Assignment 1 – Needs Assessment
  • Assignment 2 – Community Engagement Plan
  • Assignment 3 – Series Implementation
  • Assignment 4 – Assessment Report
  • Assignment 5 – Final Reflection
  • Assessment_Templates
  • Workshop Series Curriculum

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