I went to my first bail hearing the other day. What drew me to this one is that I know the man charged with multiple serious counts, including conspiracy to commit murder. I don’t believe the charges for a second. I have a letter on file with court expressing this opinion and my understanding of the character of this man.

The man accused is a former gang member, yes. His name is Alex Sanchez. But, I’ve know him as a gang intervention worker and community advocate and supporter for over 10 years. He has been the Executive Director of Homies Unidos since I’ve known him, and he’s fought to stay in this country for years, even going so far as to apply for political asylum from his native El Salvador – which he was granted after a long fight.

Based on how the police scandals broke around LA a number of years back and the people involved…I have come to believe that this case is about retaliation at worse, and misunderstanding and competing viewpoints at best.

My father was a police officer. As a fairly mainstream sort of person when it comes to law enforcement, I don’t immediately assume the criminal justice system is always unjust. This case is one of those, however, where even staunch supporters of the system should rightly question the judge in this case…and keep their eyes wide open and focused on how this unfolds.

Here’s how this began: Judge Real in Alex Sanchez Case is Surreal This is a post written by former California State Senator, Tom Hayden, and published by The Nation about the first bail hearing, to which I WAS NOT present.

Here’s what happened a bit later: Victory for Alex Sanchez Appeal, But… A follow up regarding a rebuke by the 9th circuit court…a hopeful development.

Here’s where things stand now: The Judge Gets Real, But Why? A post describing the second bail hearing, to which is WAS present. This pretty much sums it up.

The real question is, what is going to happen next? Having sat in that courtroom, hearing the evidence presented, it makes no logical sense to me how Alex can be denied bail. I know I’m just one person…and that’s why I hope many additional eyes will start to follow this with me.