Everything I have learned about the alt-right has made me fearful and worried. I have also been horrified, witnessing the expanding reach of their rhetoric and attempts to convince people that we live in a world I don’t recognize. But until recently, I thought this movement lived at something of a distance, outside my community

Imagine my reaction, then, the moment I saw a flyer promoting a far-right conference that was to be held at the mainstream, Lutheran church I attended as a 6-year-old child until I went away to college. My mind raced. Who was this group? And, what were they doing at the church where I grew up, where my mom still attends? I needed to know.

So, last month I attended the day-long, conservative Christian conference promoted in that flyer. It took place in Huntington Beach, CA. And it resulted in a pit forming in my stomach so heavy and large that it made me queasy for the next several days.

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