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This is the page where you can files and xtra information related to discussions posted on the Witnessing Whiteness blog (you can find the link to the blog on this site’s home page).

Professional Development Scene Studies for School Communities

This set of dialogue tools is designed to support discussions amongst administrators, faculty, and staff about how white privilege, internalized superiority, and unresolved emotions can negatively impact interactions and decision-making on a school campus.

These tools are still undergoing a feedback and revision process. However, they are posted for use in their advanced draft phase. Please email suggestions for improvement to


Revealing White Privilege Introduction and Scene Descriptions
This explanation and overview offers a listing of issues treated in the scenes and a sample format for group discussion.

Dialogue Scenes

Scene #1 – S.1 Inclusive Classrooms
Scene #2 – S.2 Committee Meeting on InclusivityScene #3 – S.3 Multicultural Curriculum
Scene #4 – S.4 Faculty Meeting for Parent Engagement
Scene #5 – S.5 Ethnic Representations in Schools
Scene #6 – S.6 Student Evaluation
Scene #7 – S.7 Structure and Discipline

Facilitator’s Notes

Scene #1 – Inclusive Classrooms NOTES
Scene #2 – Committee Meeting on Inclusivity NOTES
Scene #3 – Multicultural Curriculum NOTES
Scene #4 – Faculty Meeting for Parent Engagement NOTES
Scene #5 – Ethnic Representations in Schools NOTES
Scene #6 – Student Evaluation NOTES
Scene #7 – Structure and Discipline NOTES

 The Daily Show Does White Privilege

Workshop Resources/Lesson Plan (Blog Post August 2013)
1. Workshop Description and Agenda
2. Facilitator’s Notes Page
3. Handout 1. Definitions Page
4. Handout 2. Participant Reflection Page
5. Handout 3. Support Document LA Times Article

Stephen Colbert Does White Privilege

Workshop Resources/Lesson Plans (Blog Post March 2012)

1. Workshop Description and Agenda
2. Handout 1. Definitions
3. Handout 2. Examples
4. Handout 3. Participant Notes Page
5. Handout 4. Facilitator’s Notes Page
6. Handout 5. Participant Clip Evaluation Page