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Witnessing Whiteness is…

  • Written in plain, easy-to-read language
  • Building on Michelle Fine’s suggestion that white people need to be able to see their whiteness (Click Here)


Race issues are really confusing.
This book explains why:

  • Not paying attention to race is a problem
  • Avoiding race ruins well-meaning service efforts


We need guides who can help us.
This book includes personal stories about how…

  • We can develop a healthy sense of racial identity
  • We can get through conflict across race


We need to be part of the solution.
The book talks about how…

  • We can take action to stop racism
  • We can create more communities



No. People of color will value this book this book too because…

  • Whiteness affects all of us in this society
  • The history of whiteness is hidden from all of us
  • It can help to understand why white do what they do
  • The voices of people of color in the book are strong


shapeimage_8This book is best read as a group. Visit the Book Groups page to discover how you can develop a book club. There are discussion questions you can download and helpful hints on how to run a discussion group.

Or, visit the workshop series page to learn about an 11-part series you can download to help support your group’s reading of the book.