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New resources support you to run the series online!

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Check out this NBC News post and watch the video for an indication of what is possible with this series.

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Goals of the Series

  • The workshop series helps people to notice and respond to interpersonal, institutional and cultural racism.
  • A series of workshops that invites readers to explore their personal relationship to race.
  • Improve relationships and collaboration across race to support social justice efforts.

General Approach

  • Integrated, comprehensive, guided experience. An 11-part, sequential process aligns with the reading of Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It.
  • Dialogue-based, experiential approach. Workshop agendas allow groups of 5 to 25 people to explore how issues discussed in Witnessing Whiteness relate to personal lives and communities in 2 1/2 to 3 hr sessions. Online sessions run for 2 hours.
  • Grassroots philosophy. Assumption that people can learn by doing, and groups need to organize themselves to develop skills and capacities that bring needed change to organizations, institutions, and communities.
  • Accessible and sustainable. Workshop agendas and facilitator’s notes offer detailed instructions so groups can avoid hiring an expensive consultant.
  • Supportive intention. Guidelines support the creation of a welcoming, inviting space where participants feel free to speak the truth of their experience without fear of shame or reprisal.
  • Complete, printed manual available. If you would like to order a complete set of printed documents (specific to in-person format)  as a bound manual with plastic cover and backing, please send a check to Shelly Tochluk, Education Department, Mount Saint Mary’s University-Los Angeles, Doheny Campus, 10 Chester Place, Los Angeles, CA 90007. Each manual is $55.

Creative Process

  • Multiracial review teams.  Many thanks go to various colleagues and mentors who made up the multiracial review teams that offered critical feedback on early workshop drafts. The detailed written notes and conference calls were invaluable in crafting this series. Special acknowledgments go to the teams at the YWCA in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Wildwood School in Los Angeles, California.
  • Feedback requested. If you use the series and would like to offer feedback about your group’s experience, please email All information regarding how the series works for your group is appreciated.
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Workshop Agendas and Resource Documents

Essential Documents To Get Started:

Chapter by Chapter Workshop Agendas and Handouts Pages

NEW! Virtual Format Resources

  • Witnessing Whiteness online Facilitator Guide
    • Includes online session agendas for a 10-part series.
    • Includes embedded links to slides, handouts, and email templates.
    • Thank you to Nichole, Laurie, Laurel, and Thomas from Madison, WI who translated the in-person series into the online format and has generously shared it with the community!

In Person Curriculum Resources:



  • Multiracial review teams. Thanks to the following individuals who offered so much to this process in the early days…

Mana Tahai     Justice Waidner     Mary Waidener    Kim Nave
Rasheda Carroll     Melinda Tsapatsaris     Katy Green
Diane Burbie     Jorge Zeballos     Michele DeRosa

  • AWARE-LA. My witnessing community, without whom I’d never have known how to create workshop agendas.
  • Cameron Levin. A colleague of tremendous dedication and skill who developed the workshop template used for the in-person version and provided endless opportunities for me to grow into this work.

Response from the Field

We began as a group of ten parents and teachers meeting once a month, and started to work our way through the Witnessing Whiteness book. The following year, everyone who had participated before signed up to do it again, along with 10 new folks. This, our 3rd year, nearly everyone has come back again, and our numbers are close to 30. There is so much richness and depth to the book that allows for many years of conversation and discovery. We meet on the same night as the Parents and Teachers of color group, and occasionally we meet together. What is most remarkable, is that we are starting to see palpable change as a result of the work of these groups- we are closer to having a school community that is comfortable with talking about issues of race. It has been so rewarding!

– Jenna Chandler-Ward, Fayerweather Street School Parent and Witnessing Whiteness Group Facilitator

Thank you so much for your courage and leadership in writing the book, Witnessing Whiteness, and the curriculum and making it so readily available on your website! I know that the progress that I have made both personally and professionally would not have happened without the honesty, guidance and hard work that Witnessing Whiteness represents. It has been 6 years since I presented on your book at the Rochester Public Library as part of our first YWCA of Rochester & Monroe County Stand Against Racism…and the journey continues. Last Fall I offered a 6 part workshop to 25 local grassroots leaders and now one of them will offer the workshop this Fall. (yah!)

– Jean Carroll, YWCA President & CEO, Rochester, N.Y.

Author’s Note: To those of you who are using the curriculum, please send me your stories! I’m interested in hearing about your group’s experiences and how you modified the curriculum to better serve your community. I’d love to post files that can support others. Email me at

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